paraffin wax

paraffin wax
from crude petroleum; used for candles and for preservative or waterproof coatings
Syn: ↑paraffin
Hypernyms: ↑wax

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see paraffin I, 1a

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paraffin in its solid state.

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paraffin wax noun
A white transparent crystalline substance consisting of a mixture of solid paraffins, produced by distillation of shale, coal, tar, wood, etc
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Main Entry:paraffin

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paraffin wax UK US noun [uncountable]
a white substance used for making candles
Thesaurus: oil used as fuel and in chemical productshyponym

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paraffin wax,
solid paraffin, as distinct from paraffin oil.

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ˈparaffin wax [paraffin wax] noun uncountable
a soft white substance that is made from ↑petroleum or coal, and is used especially for making ↑candles

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